Scrubby's Car Wash | Winter is a nasty time for driving, but you wouldn’t know it by watching these folks
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Winter is a nasty time for driving, but you wouldn’t know it by watching these folks


05 Mar Winter is a nasty time for driving, but you wouldn’t know it by watching these folks

53005048 - a car is taking part in auto ice racingDriving on snow and ice can be hazardous stuff, so professionals always recommend you take it slow when the roads are looking ugly.

However, for a select number of drivers across the world, the worst of winter offers up a racing opportunity that’s tough to beat! This list of racing events definitely fits in the “don’t try at home” category, but if you’re looking to get some cold-weather adrenaline served up vicariously, these moments should be high on your list!

Maybe most intense is the RallyX on Ice, a series of races nestled in what can only be described as a Scandinavian winter wonderland. The tracks for the snowbound races are in Sweden and Norway and are billed by race organizers as the biggest series of its kind. The race is pitted as a rallycross style competition with three different classes of cars, ranging from the Supercar Lite to the slimmer RX racers. Want to get into the action but worried you’re too young? Never fear — the RX class is open to drivers 14 and up!

Slightly closer to home, we have the Georgetown Lake Ice Racing Circuit, hosted by Our Gang Ice Racing. On good years, this race season places drivers high in the Colorado mountains just outside Georgetown to tear around in a slapdash combination of whatever cars might make the cut. Unfortunately, as local news has pointed out, the races have been called off this winter due to a lack of cold temperatures — a condition you wouldn’t find at most other race tracks. However, when your track is made of ice suspended above a frigid lake, you can understand why sunny weather can make for a no-go!

If the DIY ethos of Georgetown Lake is more your fancy than the uber-detailed RallyX, you might like this crop of Minnesota ice racers. You know the drill if you’ve ever been to a small-scale demolition derby; much like in Colorado, these locals take to their quirky, trusty vehicles to whip it on an ice track plowed atop hard-frozen lakes.

Again, the entries of this list are strictly intended as a light-hearted glimpse of the potentials of winter. But if you’re feeling sick of nasty, slushy driving conditions, it might help put a smile on your face to see some motorheads making lemonade out of some really icy lemons!

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