Scrubby's Car Wash | What’s the scariest time of year for motorists?
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What’s the scariest time of year for motorists?


05 Nov What’s the scariest time of year for motorists?

41318904 - portrait of a young scared man pulled over by policeIf you went trick-or-treating recently, you might feel like Halloween must be the scariest day of the year.

That isn’t necessarily the case for motorists though, and surprising as it might be, drivers are likely to be even more white-knuckled around Thanksgiving. Though the harvest holiday doesn’t have much in the way of ghosts and ghouls, it marks the beginning of a period when DUI arrests are at their highest all year.

In fact, the pattern of increased drunk driving starts even before turkey day with the unofficial marking of “Thanksgiving Eve,” a drinking holiday better known to some as “Black Wednesday.” The heavy drinking around Thanksgiving is so bad that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recorded from 2012-16 more than 800 deaths in alcohol-impaired-driving crashes during the Thanksgiving holiday period, which it sets between 6 p.m. Wednesday and 5:59 a.m. Monday.

The rate of fatal crashes is so high the NHTSA has described the period as “the deadliest holiday on our roads.” The administration even ran an ad campaign last year titled “Make It to the Table: Don’t Drink and Drive this Thanksgiving Eve.”

The danger to motorists around the holiday is boosted by the fact that Thanksgiving is a car-heavy holiday to begin with as people drive to gatherings all across the country. With more cars on the road — a higher rate of which are driven by impaired motorists — the number of nonfatal accidents goes up as well.

Luckily, there are things you can do to stay safer on the roads this turkey day, the biggest of which is to plan your night to include a designated sober ride. That can come from public transit, a friend, taxi or car-share service — whatever you feel comfortable with. And if you’re heading out of town for festivities, be sure to bring along your smart phone or prepare routes ahead of time to avoid being lost in unfamiliar territory.

Whether you’re getting ready to visit or host for the holidays, Scrubby’s Car Wash is here to help keep your vehicle in safe condition for the road ahead. We’re also open 365 days a year, so whether you need a last-second wash or a brief respite from houseguests, we’ve got you covered.

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