Scrubby's Car Wash | Three big ways to keep kids safe in the car
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Three big ways to keep kids safe in the car


04 Mar Three big ways to keep kids safe in the car

66540413_SRoad safety is a must no matter the season, but the stakes get even higher when you have your most precious cargo along for the ride.

Here are some of the best ways to keep kids safe in the car wherever you go.

Carseats and seatbelts. This should be your starting point for kids of all ages. Just as adults need to be properly buckled in for the ride, so do younger passengers in the front and back seats. Experts recommend rear-facing carseats for children ages two and younger but also say kids should be in a rear-facing seat until they max out its height and weight limits. That’s because the rear-facing position provides the best support for a child’s spine, neck and head in the event of a front-end crash. For more excellent, personalized carseat advice, take a look at the Safe Kids website here.

No smoking zone. Another big one here. By this point the health risks of smoking are well-studied and widely known. It’s one thing if you choose to smoke as an adult, but don’t make that decision for your kids when they’re riding in the car with you!

Everybody out! Similar to smoking, the effects of outside heat on closed, stifled cars have seen a huge publicity boost as a health hazard. Unfortunately, that’s because of some terrible incidents in which small children have been forgotten in vehicles that reached fatal temperatures. Don’t think it’s a matter of simple negligence or bad parenting, as even the best of us can forget something in the car as major as a child in the rush of errands, work and family obligations. Make a habit of always checking before you walk away from the vehicle to make sure you haven’t left anyone behind.

Looking for more tips? Head over to Kids and Cars to learn more about what you can do to keep your child safer on the roads, as well as in the driveway and the garage. It helps to instill a proper respect for vehicles at a young age — might we suggest a trip to Scrubby’s for a family-time car wash?

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