Scrubby's Car Wash | Summer is coming to a close. Will your RV do the same?
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Summer is coming to a close. Will your RV do the same?


03 Sep Summer is coming to a close. Will your RV do the same?

54031724_SLabor Day weekend has long been the unofficial end of summer. As this well-deserved holiday rolls around, where does it find your RV?

For the willing, the mild weather of the Pacific Northwest leaves many of us in nice position to stay at the wheel of adventure into autumn. After all, the colorful seasonal foliage is always a popular draw both in our region and across the country, and there’s something undeniably alluring about those crisp fall days. If you do keep your RV on the road into the cooler months, just be sure to plan and pack ahead, focusing on dressing for the weather and bringing enough to keep you warm and comfortable in falling nighttime temperatures. There are also a few mechanical items — like brakes, tire pressure and heating systems — that you should double-check for reliability in the more trying weather conditions of fall. We might also suggest a good, thorough cleaning inside and out at one of Scrubby’s RV wash bays!

Even with the call of fall, there are others among us who are ready to pack it up and winterize when cool starts giving way to chill. There are plenty of components that need winterizing in an RV but the most common hurdle owners face is in the plumbing system. Much like in an unused home, water systems in the vehicle are susceptible to breaks when met by cold weather. Most RV manufacturers recommend a flush and dump as the best way to avoid those issues. Be sure to check your user manual to see if there are any specific steps you should follow before swinging by Scrubby’s to use our dump facilities.

Whether you choose to keep up the adventure on the road or just transition for a new season, we have the tools you need to keep your RV in top shape. Check out our website for more information, or visit us in person for the best clean in town!

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