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Splattered insects really bug us


09 Jun Splattered insects really bug us

11446814 - windshield splatter

Warm-weather driving has few real downsides, but we can think of at least one thing that really sticks with us: A grill full of bugs is pretty high on our list of turn-offs. The insect mess doesn’t have to be a sticking point though, and with the right know-how you can get that stuff off and get your vehicle looking as if it’s never met a gnat it didn’t like.

Wash regularly. As for most messes, the best way to keep splattered bugs at bay is to maintain a regular cleaning cycle. This is important anyway, especially if you’re taking your vehicle down country roads or areas with thick vegetation or marshy spots.

Get yourself a bug/tar remover. These cleaning solutions are made for tacky messes which, unfortunately, include most insects. There are plenty of different brands you can go for, but the gentler solvents will help release the bugs from the surface of your finish.

Give it a scrub and wax. Once you get the little pests loosened up, you should be able to wash them off with the rest of the grime stuck to your grill. A microfiber cloth should be enough to work loose the bits of pieces left over from a spray. When that’s all over, a good wax will set your vehicle’s face back to its bug-free state.

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