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Share the road


16 May Share the road

44132845_MDid you know May 18 is National Bike to Work Day? Many U.S. cities host events to rally around the cause, and with good reason. This form of transportation offers many advantages, including health and environmental ones. But while many people enjoy this activity, sometimes motorists aren’t so kind about sharing the road. Here’s what both parties need to know about co-existing (and staying alive) on the road:

  • Bikes are actually considered vehicles when on the roads — traffic laws apply to them, too. That means both parties need to remember the fact that everyone must observe the same laws for everyone’s benefit.
  • Bikes don’t stand a chance to several-ton vehicles in the event of a collision. So as a driver, keep that in mind. You’ll want to give cyclists plenty of room, whether it’s a residential street or a main roadway.
  • As always, stay focused and keep eyes on the road. Sometimes cyclists enter our blind spot and can cause an accident.
  • Respect bike lanes. In some municipalities, there are designated bike lanes. These aren’t meant for motorists but are designed to help control traffic and increase safety. So respect their space and everyone will be happy.

So, play it safe for everyone’s sake!

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