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Scrubbing the cars of the future


11 Aug Scrubbing the cars of the future

26339963 - car on the road with motion blur backgroundThe relationship between the car wash and the car is a symbiotic one. The wash has almost been around as long as the first cars were rolling off the assembly line, and as they’ve changed, we’ve changed.

Cars are timeless in a lot of ways, but increasingly we’re seeing promises of some pretty major changes coming down the road. According to the plans of several major automakers, a lot of traditional elements of the car could be in for an overhaul in the near future. Producers have long talked about the potential of hybrid and electric vehicles, and while consumers haven’t yet gotten on board, it’s likely we’ll see more and more options on the market for those kinds of vehicles. Away from your gas tank, we might also start seeing our mirrors go the way of the Model T. BMW and other car producers are talking about phasing out the side and rear view mirrors in their future vehicles with a set of cameras designed to eliminate blindspots and present you with a panoramic view surrounding your vehicle.

The tech approach obviously isn’t limited to energy and mirrors. Automation has been a major buzzword used to describe the future of automobiles for some time and will likely be delivering some very noticeable gains within the next five years. If and when cars are driving themselves, that’s going to leave us humans with a lot of free time as we’re chauffeured around. BMW, again, has been considering just what the interior of an automated vehicle might look like once drivers are effectively put in a passenger position.

It seems likely that our vehicles will see a lot of changes in just the next few years. But no matter what your car or RV looks like then, we’ll still be here to help you get it clean and looking its best!

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