Scrubby's Car Wash | Our top three reasons to love a clean car
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Our top three reasons to love a clean car


07 Oct Our top three reasons to love a clean car

Casual smiling couple hugging their new car at new car showroomWhy is it great to have a clean car?

When the experts at Scrubby’s put our heads together, we came up with way more reasons than we could fit into a single blog post. So for the sake of not breaking the Internet, we’ve cut things down to our three favorite reasons.

A good deep clean restores your sense of zen. It’s easy to lose your cool behind the wheel, especially when you’re sitting in Portland traffic slowly reaching your boiling point over the course of a few mind-numbing hours of gridlock. What you absolutely don’t need in that situation is a grimy steering wheel, dusty dash and cluttered cabin, all of which tax your mind and distract your attention. Being more focused on your car’s messy interior can contribute to accidents, so not only does a clean vehicle contribute to a happy driver, it can also mean a safer one.

Taking care of the detailing can keep your car on the road longer. Good hygiene is an important part of personal health, and the same is true for your vehicle. Dirt and oil, corrosive chemicals, and abrasive sand — all this stuff is no good in either the short or long run. Infrequent washing can wear down your finish and paint, opening up patches for rust to bloom. Nobody wants that, and the key to fighting it is with a good, regular scrub!

You’ll make a great first impression whenever you drive up. Sure, nobody loves a show-off, but everyone can appreciate a polished presentation. Even the most beat-down jalopy can pass a smell-test with a little love and a strategic coat of wax.

And we’re going to throw in a fourth unofficial reason to come to Scrubby’s. We’re just a nice group of people who love seeing our customers drive off happy!

Whatever your reasons, Scrubby’s is the place to go for a clean car and a quick, convenient experience. With our $1 Monday deals, we’re also a great value for your hard-earned cash. So hop in your car, truck or RV and visit us at 16665 SE McLoughlin Boulevard in Portland!

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