Scrubby's Car Wash | Here’s what you should know to rev your dollar to the max
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Here’s what you should know to rev your dollar to the max


05 Aug Here’s what you should know to rev your dollar to the max

Luxury yellow sport carIf you follow our page, you know how much we love to talk about $1 Mondays.

And why wouldn’t we? This is a great deal for our customers and a fantastic way to introduce Scrubby’s to the world, so we’re leaning in and making sure everyone knows the deal beyond its signature day of the week.

The concept here is simple: Your single dollar gives you access to four minutes of washing in one of our bays. There are no strings attached, no questions asked, you just bring a dollar and get to scrubbing.

That’s a rate you’re not going to find just anywhere, but even still you’re going to want to move strategically to get the most out of that little dollar. Here’s the plan of attack we recommend so as to maximize this deal.

  • Rinse and wash top down, saving the wheels for last. This one is a bit obvious when you think of it, but it’s easy to lose sight of things in the adrenaline rush of a $1 Monday. Rinse your vehicle from the roof and work your way down and around, whisking away dirt and grime from each layer as you move along.
  • Wash out the brush before you scrub. We keep everything squeaky clean here, but you’ll still want to knock out any stray grit from the brush before taking it to your car’s finish. A quick, thorough spray from the spray wand should do the trick.
  • Scrub like your life depends on it. Maybe the stakes aren’t that high, but it’s best not to let soap suds sit too long on your vehicle lest they dry and leave it streaky. Work your way around in relatively quick laps, scrubbing thoroughly. Save your grimy wheel bays for last, but show them some extra scrubby love to make up for it.
  • Get that soap off. As the light reveals itself at the end of the four-minute tunnel, you’re switching back to the spray wand to rinse off all the soap you just used to scrub your vehicle to a sparkling clean. Move fast here, both to keep your dollar in play and to avoid leaving streaky, filmy soap behind. If you do get some filminess, use a rag to wipe it clean and give it another rinse.

Just like that, you’ve completed your first $1 Monday. As the water trickles away and you survey the vehicle left behind, you’ll notice it in the shine of good auto health, maybe even with a fresh fruit scent depending on the soap you chose. No matter what, you’re left with a car that reminds you of everything good and pure on the roadways, a sweet deal made even sweeter when you remember you only paid a dollar for it.

With this knowledge in hand, you’ll breeze through $1 Monday like an old pro. We’re looking forward to seeing you at Scrubby’s soon to start your week with great value!

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