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Got a winning lotto ticket? We’ve got the car for you


08 May Got a winning lotto ticket? We’ve got the car for you

91298138 - luxury car dealer showing lamborghini to client

Is it better to look good or feel good? With any of these supercars, you won’t have to choose!

When you take the road, you’re out to feel the pavement under your tires, but a little onlooker gaze doesn’t hurt. One of these beauties is sure to turn some heads while throwing yours back when you hit the gas — just be aware, you might need to win the lottery before heading to the dealership.

Koenigsegg Regera: This Scandinavian supercar features some of the best of the formidable northern engineering. Nearly 1,800 horsepower, a top speed of about 250 mph and an ultra-light body built to glide over the ground. If you have a cool $2 million, it’s yours!

Aston Martin One-77: For only $1.9 million, you’ll have a ride fit for James Bond. The British automaker is known for performance and elegance, which is exactly what you’ll get with the One-77.

Pagani Huayra Roadster: Talk about an uncommon auto. The Huayra is an exotic ride for the connoisseur class. As such, it takes about $2.4 million to put one of these babies in your garage. For that kind of coin, you’ll probably want to keep it there.

Bugatti Chiron: Some companies need to work hard to build a brand name that people can recognize. Bugatti has already squared that away by delivering some of the most exclusive cars on the planet. The sleek Chiron costs $2.7 million, giving you a car that looks like a spaceship and takes you from 0-60 in less than 2.5 seconds.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster: OK, we said the Bugatti was like a spaceship, so maybe the Veneno is the rocket. The most expensive new Lambo out right now, the Italian carmaker has made less than 10 of these roadsters. Buying into this line will run you $4.5 million.

Once you buy the million-dollar ride, you need somewhere to wash it, right? Whether you’re driving in with your commuter car or your fresh new supercar, Scrubby’s is ready when you are! Come on by for the best wash around.

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