Scrubby's Car Wash | Get your RV primed for the Great American Roadtrip!
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Get your RV primed for the Great American Roadtrip!


06 May Get your RV primed for the Great American Roadtrip!

14300882_MYou got your RV ready months ago for a long winter sleep, but vacation season is here and you’re itching to get back on the road.

If you haven’t already, here’s the quick guide to scrubbing up your home on wheels and getting it ready for a new season of adventure!

Work from the top down. The best way to clean and inspect an RV is to start on the roof and make your way to the tires. You can use our large-size bay and usual cleaning solutions at Scrubby’s for this, letting the water cascade down and clean ahead of your scrubbing. This is also the time to take a look at your RV to make sure the outside is in good shape after sitting in storage for however many months. An easy place to begin is to pull out your awning to check for rips, tears or small animals. Then you can make your way along the body of the vehicle, paying close attention to seams, to search for any cracks, bulges or rust that could harm the integrity of the RV. Once the body checks out, inspect the tires for wear and tear, making replacements when necessary.

Check your charge and fill the tank. Your RV’s electrical and water systems set it apart from any ordinary vehicle, and given the mechanical complexity of some systems, you might want to get a hand from a trusted service provider. There are plenty of in-depth checklists out there to get into the finer details of preparation, but the basics include reconnecting and testing your RV battery for a healthy charge; flushing and sanitizing all tanks of the water system; and checking your appliances.

“Basic” maintenance. Your RV is special, but it’s still a motor vehicle like any other. That means it needs an occasional check-up for the engine, replacement of all necessary fluids, and the usual tuning of brakes, suspension and other functions. An easy thing to forget — vehicle registration! Your RV might feel like home, but it needs that too.

The Great American Roadtrip is out there, and we want to help you achieve it. With a good scrub and a thorough check, this RV season will be the best yet for you and yours!

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