Scrubby's Car Wash | Don’t get soaked when driving in the rain
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Don’t get soaked when driving in the rain


05 Feb Don’t get soaked when driving in the rain

52580612 - driving car on a wet street with splashing water in motion blurThe one thing outsiders might know about the Pacific Northwest is our weather. Our famous — or possibly infamous — forecasts mean that things get pretty damp around these parts. Rain is never far from the forecast, and while it might beat snow, it can still be plenty treacherous when you’re navigating the roadways. Here’s how to drive with confidence when the rainclouds roll in:

Drive for the conditions. This one seems obvious, right? Whenever conditions are less than ideal, you should account for that by slowing down when you hop behind the wheel. That applies for the case of rain, snow or whatever, so take a little extra time for travel, cut your speed, and stay aware of what’s on the road ahead of you with both hands on the wheel. Slowing down and being deliberate in your movements — especially when accelerating, decelerating or hitting the brakes — should help prevent hydroplaning and other skidding action.

Keep your tires in shape. This is a given all year round, but it’s doubly important in times when the weather gets nasty. The traction afforded to you by your tires is what’s responsible for keeping your car on the ground — we can all agree that’s exactly where you want to stay!

Don’t wipe out. Both in the literal and figurative sense, but here we’re talking windshield wipers. You’ll know pretty quickly when your wipers need to be replaced. If you’re seeing streaks or smears across the glass, that’s a great indicator that you need to get new wipers.

Driving in the rain is almost second-nature to many of us in the Northwest, but it always helps to get a refresher. And don’t forget, even though the rain seems to clean your car, it can never actually give it a wash like what you get at Scrubby’s. In fact, the rain can actually leave behind mineral deposits that can damage your finish even while it whisks away some of the dust. So come by Scrubby’s when you get a chance — just be sure to take your time on the drive!

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