Scrubby's Car Wash | A thorough scrub makes for a happy car
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A thorough scrub makes for a happy car


02 Oct A thorough scrub makes for a happy car

37860553 - self car washing. cleaning wheels using high pressure water.With all the summer driving miles being taken on in the PDX area, we thought it was high time for another refresher on how to use our wash bays to get a quality wash at a really bargain price!

Some who are visiting us for the first time can find the self-wash setup to be a little daunting, especially if they’re mainly used to automated car wash systems. The reality of Scrubby’s is that everything is pretty intuitive here. When compared side-by-side, the manual wash model here will get you a better result than the auto-wash even without considering the possible damages to more delicate parts (think antennas, cosmetic additions etc) for a lower cost and roughly the same amount of time.

First, park your vehicle directly in the middle of a wash bay. Leave yourself plenty of room to walk around all sides. It’s usually a good idea to gather everything you personally like to use for a wash, such as wash mitts or chamois cloths, and have it at the ready so you’re not digging through the car while the water’s running. If you want to wash anything from inside the car, like floor mats, this is the time to pull it out.

Once you insert payment and start the flow, begin the wash at the wheels of your vehicle. Scrub thoroughly to dislodge all the gunk before switching the sprayer to a rinse mode to get your wheels clean. Turning to the rest of the car, begin spraying it from the top down. If you brought a wash mitt or some other gear, begin scrubbing while switching the sprayer to either a pre-soak or high-pressure soap mode. If you’re scrubbing with our foamy brush, be sure to clean it thoroughly with the sprayer to knock out any sand or grit.

Once you’ve scrubbed and soaped to your heart’s content, give your vehicle another rinse from top down, washing off all the soap and grime. Take your vehicle through our air shammee for a dry and voila — that’s all there is to it! With a ride that fresh and clean, the open road is yours to travel once again!

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